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It’s All About Sugar

WESTON’s budding Messi and Ronaldo’s learnt how sugar could hamper their chances of success, as well as their health in the most recent development day.

Dozens of youngsters involved with the Weston super Mare AFC Juniors were shown the huge amounts of sugar in popular food & drinks, and then asked to get hands on and pour the amount of sugar into bags to go alongside the product.

They were taught how sugar is incredibly addictive and causes a range of illnesses and diseases. The children were also introduced to “the pee chart” to learn about hydration and how it effects their bodies.

Before they completed the classroom activities they were treated to healthier alternatives for sugar in the form of fruit. The final part of the day was a football tournament which demonstrated the family atmosphere within the Football Club.

Coach Dan Jackson said: “Many of the boys were surprised by the amount of sugar which was in food and drinks that they don’t hesitate to eat every day. The recommended daily amount of sugar for a young male is 37.5g. Each group was

given a set of scales and bag of sugar and was asked to measure out the amount of sugar in each item. Many of the lads were shocked by the amount of sugar some items had.

“Most worryingly for most of the lads was a Friji milkshake, as this contained just over 50g per bottle which is more than their recommended daily intake.

“As well as this task we also offered the lads an alternative food in order to cure their sweet tooth, giving them samples of some fruits which they may not have tried before. These fruits proved popular, with some of the boys even saying they preferred them to chocolate. Alongside this we spoke about the dangers of drinking coca cola and health concerns about drinking so called diet drinks.”

“Development days are pivotal in the clubs development of not just players but also developing good citizens. There is a lot more to being a footballer than just playing football, and these days are designed to help these young lads understand things that are external to football which help you become successful.”




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