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Man vs Fat

Man vs Fat

Man vs Fat programme runs over 12 weeks and we are holding around 7-8 courses over a 6 month period. Each week we look at different factors affecting men’s health and weight.  There are various topics covered ranging from; discussing portion sizes, sugar intake, calories, amount of fat in foods, drink awareness, snacking, benefits of home cooking, how too much screen time can affect us, and taking part in regular physical activity. Each session begins has a weigh in, to monitor weight loss, and is recorded on the 1st, 6th and 12th weeks of the course, monitored via the Man v Fat tracking programme. We run the courses in conjunction with walking football sessions, currently running at Weston-Super-Mare AFC, offering the participants an opportunity to take part. This gradually introduces them to physical activity or provides additional activity that is at a level comfortable to them.


Following the 12 weeks, the participants come back to the Football Club as a support group and take part in activity that is suitable to their needs – i.e. Walking Football, Walking group, swimming etc.

North Somerset Council has commissioned Man v Fat through Public Health. We are able to signpost service users to other council provided physical activity schemes, therefore increasing awareness of all possible lifestyle changes. The schemes available to participants include; Go for Life walking group, a voucher system to attend sessions locally at leisure centres for an activity of the participant’s choice or the Go for Free vouchers. The participants are able to sign up for this from the start of the course and are then free to use the vouchers as they wish.


The aim of the project is to address health issues with men over the 12 week programme, looking to reduce weight by 5% for those with a BMI 30+. As part of our project we also offer sustainable support at the end of the 12 week programme. We work in partnership with our local council and use our walking football programme for those signed up to the programme as a way back in to physical activity.

The 5 aims of the course are to encourage participants to:-

  1. Have 3 regular meals.
  2. Have a maximum of 2 hours of screen time
  3. Cut down snacking
  4. Manage portions
  5. Achieve 150 active minutes





 One of the members has been particularly impressed with the Project and how it has made a huge impact on him and his everyday life. He is a paramedic and was referred by his GP having tried various diets and courses before. The project has helped him to recognise changes he could make in his lifestyle and diet. He is currently training to run in a 10k race in Bristol in May which will be a massive achievement for him. It has given him the motivation not only to lose weight but to increase his physical activity and make positive changes as he approaches his 40’s. He regularly takes part in the walking football sessions now which he feels has benefitted him with regards to his weight loss and physical activity.
Man Vs Fat

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