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2016 Marks A New Era – Seagulls In The Community

It is with great pleasure that after almost a year in planning, we can finally announce the Community Trusts new name and brand.

One of the key areas the team have looked at improving is the brand awareness for the Community Trust. After months of research, meetings, planning & preparation, we have created an image and brand that we are very proud of.  The new name “Seagulls In The Community” has been chosen with consideration to how many of the Football League clubs operate their community programmes. This decision was based on how easy it will be for people to find us when they are searching on google.


The challenge of boosting our ranking now begins…



As part of this rebrand we are launching our very first website. On this website you will be able to find out all about every project we are running in the community as well as book on to some of our sessions. A website has been high on our agenda for a long time now and we are delighted to finally show everyone what we have created. You may also notice that our social media addresses have changed, but fear not you can find all of the links to our new pages at the bottom of our home page.

The thought process behind the new logo was to create a clean image that can be fractionally altered depending on what colour it is being placed on, something that has been launched successfully in the MLS. We would like to give a massive thanks to Steve Jackson and Pete Fealey, the guys at Ketchup Communications who have contributed immensely to make this whole operation happen. We feel that their expert knowledge and professional approach to our project has without doubt suppressed our expectations.

If you are in the process of a considering a rebrand or are looking at working in the digital environment then we would highly recommend that you to try out the guys at Ketchup Communications. They are currently part way through creating their own new website and rebrand so if you would like to contact them drop them an email here, or you can call them on 01934 319 344.

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